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A New Kind of Pallet

Thermoset Composite Pallets

FIT Pallets was formed to address a need and opportunity in the pallet market to provide a light weight, consistent sized, tough and hygienic pallet at a lower cost of ownership than either wood or thermoplastic pallets. It shares its ownership with Plastics Research Corporation (

Plastics Research Corporation (PRC) was established in 1973 to produce large, special purpose, lightweight, cost effective shipping and storage containers for military and commercial customers. PRC has the capability to manufacture containers by the following methods: Open Molding, Compression Molding (LPMC™), Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), pre-preg and epoxy vacuum bagging.

FIT Pallets offers a full range of services from assistance in establishing specifications to design, development, manufacturing and testing of products.

We understand the need for cost effective pallets and containers that fulfill the customer’s requirements and are delivered on time.