Risk Management Solutions – FIT Pallets

  • Are you looking for Sustainable pallet solutions?
  • Are you looking to Reduce Cost Volatility?
  • Are you exploring RFID capability?
  • Are you looking for a Cost-Effective solution?
  • Are you looking to Eliminate Nails/Splinters?
  • Is FM Fire Rating and NSF Certification important as you?
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FIT Pallets advantages in the Automotive market over wood and plastic are extensive and include the following:

  • Sustainable – the FIT Pallet offers a sustainable yet cost effective solution due to the long asset life achieved from durable thermoset composite materials yielding more than 10X turns of wood.
  • More predictable raw material cost structure – the FIT Pallet contains less than 20% crude oil derived materials and is therefore less volatile than plastic pallets.  Plastic pallets are made from 100% crude oil derived polymers that are subject to the price fluctuations of the crude oil market.
  • Track-able – the FIT Pallet is RFID capable.  In Just in Time automotive supply chains, the ability to track shipments is critical.
  • Eliminates Nails and Splinters – the FIT Pallet, made of composite materials, contains no nails which eliminates lost productivity due to pallets jamming material transfer equipment, damaged products, and worker injuries.
  • Consistent Weight and Size – the FIT Pallet’s dimensional integrity, due to the molding process, eliminates lost productivity due to pallets jamming material transfer equipment.
  • Meets FM – the FIT Pallet meets FM4996 without hazardous halogen (bromine) additives.
  • NSF Certified.