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FIT Pallets, in conjunction with its sister company, Plastics Research Corporation (PRC), engineered and manufactures a compression molded thermoset fiber reinforced composite pallet designed for multiple market segments, including the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The pallets are manufactured using Low Pressure Molding Compound (LPMC™)  while also utilizing PRC’s unique Self Aligning Actuating Mold (SAAM) System.

The SAAM System coupled with LPMC™ produce a superior composite pallet that exceeds Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) standards, is FM certified, FDA compliant, meets or exceeds ISO and ANSI standards and is RFID compatible. The pallet is a true four way entry pallet, designed for years of useful service life, turning an expense that is typically land filled at an ever increasing cost , to a long term asset.

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