Risk Management Solutions – FIT Pallets

  • Are you looking for Sustainable pallet solutions?
  • Are you looking to Reduce Cost Volatility?
  • Are you exploring RFID capability?
  • Are you looking for a Cost-Effective solution?
  • Are you looking to Eliminate Nails/Splinters?
  • Is FM Fire Rating  and NSF Certification important?
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FIT Pallets advantages in the Produce market over wood and plastic are extensive and include the following:

  • Resistant to Contamination – the FIT Pallet is the only pallet that will stand up to repeated sterilization due to thermoset composite construction and is certified by testing at Michigan State and Virginia Tech to be resistant to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.
  • Sustainable – the FIT Pallet offers a sustainable solution to the produce market, while also providing a product that will not bend or creep over time in your racking systems.
  • Cost-Effective – the FIT Pallet offers an asset life of more than 10 years and a lower long term cost solution.
  • Brand Customization – the FIT Pallet may be customized to represent your brand (i.e. color or logo) for easy identification and retrieval to protect your long term asset.
  • Track-able – the FIT Pallet is RFID capable.
  • Eliminates Nails and Splinters – the FIT Pallet, made of composite materials, contains no nails which eliminates lost productivity due to pallets jamming material transfer equipment, damaged products, and worker injuries.
  • Meets FM4996 – the FIT Pallet meets FM requirements without hazardous halogen (bromine) additives.
  • NSF Certified.