Recycle, Reuse, Reduce


Manufactured in California where environmental regulations are stringent, FIT Pallets were designed and engineered from inception with the environment and sustainability at its core. FIT Pallets lives the eco mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


At the end of the FIT Pallets’ life it is ground and used to make new pallets.Throughout the life cycle of our product, from design to extraction of raw materials, to transportation, to processing and manufacturing, to use, reuse and recycling, we are committed to protecting our planet and serving our communities and customers with the best sustainable strategies available.


FIT Pallets are engineered for years of service, so they become a long term asset, rather than a disposable item to be land filled. FIT Pallets, with proper handling, have a useful life greater than 10 years. 


Conventional plastic pallets use toxic chemicals to achieve UL and FM fire code ratings. FIT Pallets was engineered to inherently meet the fire code ratings without the use of fire suppressing chemicals. Minimizing our environmental footprint not only helps to preserve the planet, but it also can mean economic savings for communities, businesses, and individual consumers.